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Land of the groove, Home of the beat,


6 to 1

fb#4..Mosh........Josh Quirk: Drum set, percussion, vocals, anger! Touch the Baby Bobo!

fb#3..JDubya......Josh Walden: Bass, vocals, percussion, Head sculptures. Walden as a child!

fb#5..Pod..........Ian Shepherd: Percussion, vocals, Chick magnet!

fb#6..Messy.......Jesse Brown: Keyboards, percussion, vocals, Large Organ!

fb#2.Coach-Mo...Peter Roubal: Saxomophones, percussion, vocals, Face breaker!

fb#1..BDubya.....Brandon T. Washington: vocals, jumping!

We here at FBDC ...are glad to bring you some of the most kickin' grooves around. You just can't help gettin' up off the floor and shakin' your butt like you've never done before. Our beats are dope, def, fresh, hype, slammin' da bomb, hip hoppin' on the jimmy jam, slim slammin', butt shakin', boody fresh, wigglin' till your gigglin', bustin' disgustin' juicy fruit grooves, makin' faces of pain, and whatever else you can think of. We've got stuff that'll make your knees quiver and your toes turn into cupcakes, fruit roll-up layin' down the grooves and everything else that makes your body twitch to the beat. Your body can't help but to move with the groove because it's oh so groovalicious.

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New show is scheduled for September 21, 2012 at The Cowboy Monkey.

Our CD was recorded at Private Studios in Urbana, Il with the soul proprietor Jonathan Pines!

If you are suffering from a deficiency of groove related illness, and want to be on the FBDC mailing list, please leave us your slammin Email address by emailing us here: addme

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